The SanDisk Memory Card comes with an Adapter which makes it possible to use on other devices like cameras and computers. It has a 8GB storage space which means you can have more photos, music and games on your smartphones. It is also very easy to use and does not require any form of installation; simply plug it in and it is ready to use.

The SanDisk 8GB Memory Card and Adapter will let you get the best out of your smart devices for you won’t be constrained with storage space. It is well-designed to fit perfectly into any memory card slot and it is also very easy to remove. It is very stable so data stored on it won’t be corrupted no matter how long it stays on. Even though it has a small size, its data storage capacity is quite large and files sent to it are done with fast speed of up to 48MB/s and class 10 for recording full HD video.

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SanDisk 8GB Memory Card and Adapter has been designed to offer additional storage space for documents, pictures, videos, songs and more on your smart devices. It is a micro SD card which makes it compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and tablets.


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